I am honored to be a part of the Ross Kaminsky Veterans Opportunities Project on 630 KHOW. It is a great project where community helps out our Veterans. That is exactly what we all should be doing! If you can help out our vets please let myself or Ross know. If you are a vet please check out the project and utilize the opportunities available to you there. It is constantly growing. http://khow.iheart.com/veterans

I am a veteran as are my two sons. We are proud to have served our country. I look forward to giving back to my fellow veterans and our local Heroes through this program. It is an honor to do so. Please fell free to call me with any questions or concerns about Real Estate, even if you are not in the Market to buy or sell.

I personally have a VA loan and I have preferred lenders that have worked miracles in the past for my buyers. We have the potential to get vets into a place for nothing out-of-pocket in the end. This is possible with a 0% down VA loan, the program rebate and some lender credits if certain requirements are met. The vet has to put their own earnest money down but in most cases they can get some or all of it back at closing.

For our other heroes not eligible for a VA loan, there is the potential for special programs with some lenders. However, you will still receive the other offers and discounts from this program that you are eligible for.

Program Eligibility - You must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Active US Military
  • US Military Reserves
  • US Military Veteran
  • Current Law Enforcement
  • Current Firefighter
  • Current Emergency Medical Services

Commission Rebate when Purchasing a Home

When using Brent Denny to complete the purchase of your home you will receive a 25% rebate from his commission. You can apply this rebate to eligible closing costs and pre-paids. Your lender will determine who much of a rebate you can use. On a typical $300,000 purchase here in the Denver metro area that will be in the neighborhood of $2,000. That is no small benefit!

Commission Reduction when Listing your Home.

I will sell your home for 4.3% when you list with me and close.

I have assembled a great team to offer you great savings:

  • My preferred lender, Doug Davidson, will add on a Home Warranty when closing with him. That is a $300 value!
  • My home inspector will give you $25 off your home inspection when using his services.
  • My insurance broker will give you a small gift card after securing insurance through him.
  • I have other professionals that will also offer you discounts and savings if you need their services.

Additional terms and conditions of the program: To receive the commission reductions and rebates you must close and complete the transaction with Brent Denny. Brent Denny must also receive the commission from the closed transaction. There can be no additional fees such as referral fees deducted from the commission besides the brokerage split and company transaction fees. To receive the home warranty you must complete the loan transaction with Doug Davidson and fund. To receive the discount form Brent's other preferred providers you must engage their services and pay your portion of the transaction. Your lender is limited in the amount of rebate that they can use towards your closing costs and pre-paids. If that amount is less the 25% rebate in this program, Brent will pay the lesser amount. Brent in his sole discretion can exceed the minimum 25% if he determines an extreme need exists. Lender credits generally require a higher interest rate. The buyer will have some other cost(s) incurred along the way such as but not limited to a home inspection and an appraisal. These cost(s) could be paid for from the rebate and lender credit(s), when the lender credit(s) are available, if the rebate and lender credit(s) are sufficient to cover all the other costs first. Only certain US military veterans are eligible for a zero down VA. Emergency Medical Services applies to paramedics and emergency medical technicians that are truly first responders.  All these offers on this page are offered solely from the agent Brent Denny and not from the brokerage Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Innovative Real Estate.